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The National Park Hospitality Association will assist park concessioners and allies to be outstanding partners to the National Park Service in fulfilling the directions of the Congress and the President regarding management of the national park system while providing premier services to and opportunities for outstanding experiences by park visitors appropriate to the units in which the concessioners operate.



1)  Partner with the NPS to provide exceptionally positive experiences to visitors.

2)  Increase opportunities for these experiences by encouraging visits to, and enjoyment of appropriate activities in, national park units at sustainable levels.

3)  Create and sustain a close and trusting relationship between the NPS and the concessions industry.

4)  Expand opportunities for concessioner-provided services where appropriate and viable.



  • Increase visibility of the concessions industry in Washington.
  • Increase Congressional and Executive branch awareness of concessioner contributions to park quality.
  • Forge a strong alliance with allied recreation and tourism organizations regionally and nationally.
  • Cooperate with NPS concessions office in educational programs that will increase contact between regional and park concessions staff and concessioner staff.
  • Increase concessioner awareness of policy forces felt by NPS officials in Washington.
  • Work with NPS on CODEL trips and field hearings.
  • Develop a strategic plan that unites NPS and concessioners in efforts to connect the American public with their parks, including full implementation of the Centennial Initiative.
  • Develop, analyze and disseminate information regarding park visitors and potential visitors.

October 14, 2007


National Park Hospitality Association

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