Member Benefits

NPHA is dedicated to the needs of our members. A wide array of member services address the diverse demands placed on our members. Such as:
• Electronic reporting
• Guest donations
• Environmental compliance
• National Park Service policy
• NPS concession contracts
• Employee recruitment
• Vendor services
• Much more

Specific Services
This monthly resource will keep members up to date on association activities, government affairs and trends affecting concessioner interests. The e-newsletter will deliver concise summaries of the latest park partner news as well as links to current news articles, websites, and documents that are of interest to our members.
See a sample of the NPHA e-newsletter

Federal Parks and Recreation Newsletter
Federal Parks & Recreation is a bi-weekly independent newsletter for professionals involved with the nation's park and recreation areas - federal, state and local. The publication provides members with the unvarnished, inside line on what changes in outdoor policy in Washington mean to you and your organizations. Federal Parks & Recreation covers park service policy, federal concessions, recreation policy, fee demo, motorized use and more. A $227 resource, free to NPHA members.

Associates & Preferred Vendors
Quality providers of services and goods will be invited to become Associated or Preferred Vendors to members of the association, pledging special pricing, superior responsiveness and expertise about concession operations and contributions to association programs.

Park Visitation and Key Tourism Statistics
The National Park Service’s monthly report of Public Use Statistics and additional useful information from federal, state and non-profit sources on recreation, tourism and travel will be available on our website. 

Other Services
NPHA Website: Valuable, user-friendly website with the information you need: 

Annual and Midyear meetings
with National Park Service/Interior Department leaders, educational forums, and vendor displays.

On-going interaction
with the U.S. Congress, National Park Service and other officials.

Access to Senior Washington Team
with more than 15 years of key government service, nearly 80 years of national association representation, service on more than a dozen national commissions and advisory boards and important roles in numerous national and state political campaigns.

Call NPHA for more information at 202-682-9530. 

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